Scalpel like precision and cutting edge engineering combine in the Ninja ZX-6R. Delivering maximum excitement on track or road with maximum control and feedback, this truly is the pinnacle of middleweight Supersports technology.

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Race-quality steering damper

An adjustable Öhlins steering damper with relief valve and twin-tube design is fitted as standard equipment. The second tube, which acts like a reservoir tank, and the damper internals, ensure stable damping performance even under racing conditions.(Even if the damping fluid in the cylinder gets hot it will not froth.) The damper unit has an integral clamp so that piston motion is not hindered.


Even professions racers occasionally lose track of what gear they’re in. The large numerical gear position sensor gives instant information to the rider — especially useful should a mis-shift occur.

Mass centralisation and frame rigidity

While structure of the main frame is basically the same as that of the ZX600P, revised rigidity around the swingarm pivot and the rear engine mounts optimises front-rear rigidity balance. The engine is mounted with a steeper cylinder bank angle. Rotated around the output shaft, the engine’s CofG is 16 mm higher and the head pipe is situated 10 mm higher. The result is improved turning performance and easier turn-in.

Powerful Brakes

Large-diameter semi-floating 300 mm stainless-steel front petal deliver formidable stopping power. 6 mm thick, the discs are able to withstand the rigors of circuit riding. Powerful radial-mount calipers give a very direct feel at the lever. Radial-pump master cylinder ensures excellent touch and offers superb control.

Precise Throttle Control

Cylindrical guides added to the top of the air box ensure more accurately sprayed fuel mist from the secondary injectors. With fuel more precisely directed into the intake funnels, combustion efficiency and power delivery is improved.

Front Suspension

The BPF is one of the great contributing factors to the Ninja ZX-6R’s great composure under braking. Compared to a cartridge-type fork of the same size, the BPF features a main piston almost twice the size (φ37 mm vs φ20 mm on ZX600P); oil inside the BPF acts on a surface area almost 4 times the size. Compression and rebound damping adjustment are located at the top of each fork tube. Preload adjustment is at the bottom.

Strong mid-range power

Double bore intake funnels (“velocity stacks”) feature inlets at two different heights, allowing performance increases in both the mid- and high-rpm ranges.
Optimised cam nitriding (NV) and tappets with increased durability enabled the use of high-load cam profiles which improve overall performance.

Adjustable back-torque limiting clutch

Adjustable back-torque limiting clutch helps reduce rear-wheel hop that may occur when downshifting at high rpm.

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