Packed with advanced technology and rider focused features, the ZX-10R represents anothher massive performance step for the Ninja brand.
Available Colors
Price: Call (230) 208 6886
Price on Road Excluding Insurance. (Subject to Change without Notice)

Fuel Tank

Design of the sculpted fuel tank follows the same theme of “curves.” Fuel tank capacity is 17 litres.

Pillion Seat Cover

Enhances the sporting appearance of the bike. All factory standard colours available. Replaces the passenger seat.


This lightweight titanium slip-on system offers great performance and sporty image. Carbon end cap and heat shield.

Bubble Screen Smoke

Tinted bubble windshield designed to reduce wind pressure and to improve aerodynamics.

Power Mode selection with variable Middle mode

In addition to Full power mode, the Ninja ZX-10R comes with two additional modes (Middle, Low), allowing riders to select power delivery to suit.

KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System) Only on ABS model

KIBS is a multi-sensing system, using the input from numerous sources. In addition to front and rear wheel speed sensors (standard for any ABS)

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