Unique Package

Difficult to explain in words, and nearly impossible to categorise, the Versys is one of those machines that exceeds the sum of its carefully crafted parts.

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Sharper new styling

The new stacked dual headlamp design gives the Versys a slimmer appearance and speaks to its nimble handling. Using a single position lamp further contributes to the slim appearance. Sculpted bodywork of the new front cowling and side fairing adds to the Versys’ dynamic image. Like an athlete, the image is one of flexibility and strength.

19-litre Fuel Tank

A 19-litre fuel tank offers an ample touring range.

Sporty 17" wheels

17” wheels front and rear contribute to the bike’s quick steering. The 120 mm front tyre offers an excellent balance of quick steering and front wheel traction.


The instrument panel has white LED-backlighting for increased visibility at night. Features include a digital speedometer, analogue-style tachometer, digital fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meter, and more.

Comfortable Pillion Seat

Pillion position was designed to offer a natural seating position. Revised pillion grab bars are flatter, easier to hold and positioned further out for greater freedom of movement.

LED Tail light

New LED tail light, features a transparent red lens and helps give the tail a clean, tidy look.

Low-mid range focused 649cc Parallel Twin

When tuning the 649 cm3 Parallel Twin engine, our engineers’ first priority was to find a throttle response that balanced a powerful feeling and a quick-revving character. To optimise performance for everyday riding, care was taken to maximise low-mid range torque. When opening the throttle, riders will notice that the engineers succeeded in creating an extremely smooth and powerful engine character that offers both a high level of control when making minute throttle adjustments and a gratifying rush of acceleration in the lower rpm ranges.

Upright riding position

A slim, upright riding position with wide handlebars offers both a naturally relaxed posture and great controllability, and allows riders to experiment with a number of riding styles.

Adjustable wind screen

The adjustable windscreen has three different settings (raised, standard, tilted forward), allowing riders to tailor its position to suit their preferences. (Adjusting the bolt-mounted windscreen requires a 4 mm Allen key.) A tall screen is also available as a genuine Kawasaki accessory.

Optional ABS

Triple petal disc brakes offer superb stopping power and feel at the lever. 5 mm thick front discs contribute to enhanced controllability. For additional braking reassurance, the Versys is available with front and rear Bosche ABS.

Long Travel Suspension

The combination of long-travel suspension with carefully considered spring settings is one of the keys to the active control offered by the Versys. In addition to being easily able to cope with a variety of road conditions and offering confidence-inspiring feedback to the rider, the Versys encourages riders to consciously control the bike’s forward-rear weight balance – adding a new dimension of controllability to explore.

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