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Making the most of its 750cc's, the Z750 is a real world full-on package. Quick turning, great braking and more than that, huge fun to ride, its no wonder so many riders are attracted to the urban street and winding road charms of the Zed.

Available Colors
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Price on Road Excluding Insurance. (Subject to Change without Notice)

Aggressive Styling

Like a two-wheeled switchblade, the Z750 combines slashing street performance with aggressive knife-edged styling. Specially designed for high energy street riding.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is sculpted for maximum style and comfort and you’ll be grateful for the knee recesses when the going gets tough in the bends. For the white version, the fuel tank is painted in two-tone colours.

748cc supersports tuned engine

In many ways a 750 engine is the perfect capacity, more powerful than a 600 yet lighter than a 1000 litre motor, you’ll be able to exploit the Z750’s power to the full.

Aluminium Subframe

A new cast aluminium engine sub-frame allows the front engine mounts to be relocated. The result is less engine vibration transmitted to the rider (particularly at the handlebars) for a much improved ride quality.


Dual-exit single silencer could have come only from the pen of a Kawasaki engineer who understands the power of Zed. Radical and cutting-edge, it’s just another example of how the Z750 stays ahead of the competition.

Instrument Panel

Everything you need to know is available at a glance of the Z750’s console. Revs, speed, engine temperature and fuel level are just some of the essential features.


Powerful two-piston calipers meet competition-inspired petal discs to make the Z750 as effective at stopping as it is at accelerating and handling.

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