Soul of a Superbike. Attitude of a fighter

The Streetfighter’s Superbike soul combines fighter attitude and naked sophistication to create pure adrenaline. With 155hp of Ducati muscle, this fighter’s gloves-off and ready for action.

Available Colors
Price: Call (230) 208 6886
Price on Road Excluding Insurance. (Subject to Change without Notice)

Exhaust System

The massive 2-1-2 exhaust system is made from weight-saving 1mm thick steel and flows from 58mm to 63.5mm diameter pipes. The system uses two lambda probes to ensure precise fuel mapping for optimum performance and an electronic valve in the mid-section to achieve a wide spread of power.

The cannon-style, vertically stacked, brushed steel mufflers deliver the famous Ducati L-Twin sound synonymous with raw, Desmo power.

Magnesium Alloy Covers

Attention to weight reduction is further underlined with both cam covers and clutch outer cover cast in manesium alloy.

Fighter Frame

The purpose-built trellis frame uses 25.6° of rake compared with the Superbike’s 24.5° to ensure a well-planted front-end.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre front fender and cam belt covers not only shave additional weight, they also contrast superbly against the bronze finish of the frame.

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